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How to Recycle Shredded Paper

How to Recycle Shredded Paper

In the world of recycling, small actions are required to make a huge impact. Today, we are going to look at the simple and eco-friendly practice of shredded paper recycling that is essential to protect your sensitive information and contribute towards a greener planet.

While shredding my old unwanted papers, I always wondered what happened to tiny pieces of paper that would remain after shredding. Recycling them will be the best choice for environmental sustainability and data protection instead of disposing of them in nature.

Stay tuned to the guide to learn how to recycle shredded paper and move toward a bright and secure future. So, grab your shredded paper and use these easy and quick ways to recycle the shredded waste.

What Should I Shred?

Shredded paper is generally less likely to get recycled because of its smaller size. If you get a chance to recycle your shredded paper, prioritizing your sensitive documents is essential. However, here is a list of different kinds of shredded waste that you can recycle:

  • Bank Statements
  • Investment Transactions
  • Tax Forms
  • Medical Records
  • Credit Card Bills
  • Office Papers
  • Newspaper
  • Cardboard

So, above are some examples of shredded papers that are acceptable for recycling. If it’s paper and you can shred it, you can likely recycle it.

Guide on How to Recycle Shredded Paper

Shredded paper is necessary to recycle as it helps protect the environment from paper waste. So, follow the below simple steps to destroy the tiny piece of your important information:

  • Remove any non-paper items like staples, paper clips, or plastic materials.
  • Also, sorting the paper will help in making the recycling process easy. Also, keep the shredded in paper bags or boxes; avoid plastic bags.
  • Check your city’s recycling guidelines. Also, check details like recycling type, acceptable items, amount of shredded paper, etc.
  • Now that you have prepared your shredded paper reach out to the nearest paper recycling service, depending on the location. Make sure to check service guidelines.
  • There are drop-off recycling events, shredding services, shred-a-thon, and shred days that accept unwanted documents and shredded paper at a large scale.

Following the above steps, you can recycle your shredded paper and contribute to a secure and greener environment.

Alternatives to Recycling Shredded Paper

Recycling is the best option to dispose of shredded paper for environmental safety and data protection. You can also use other alternatives to destroy them. Here is how to recycle shredded paper using other options:

  • Composting: You can turn your shredded paper waste into the compost. Add waste like food scraps, leaves, shredded waste, old unwanted papers, and nutrient-rich soil.
  • Free Shredding Events: Attend free shredding events near you to destroy or recycle your paper. You can dispose of a large amount of paper at once, so check out the website to find a shredding event organized in your city. 
  • Burning: If you don’t have any other option, burning the shredded paper will be the right choice. However, it is not the best as it does not ensure maximum security to shred sensitive shredded paper.
  • Pet Bedding: You can also use shredded paper for bedding pets like hamsters, guinea pigs, etc. However, ensure the ink or any other additive in the shredded paper is pet-safe before using it for pet bedding.

You can dispose of your shredded paper using these alternatives to move towards a more secure and greener planet.


Recycling paper waste is essential to live a secure and sustainable lifestyle. By using the above guide on how to recycle shredded paper, you can ensure the safety of your confidential information and prevent the threat of identity theft and fraud while moving towards a greener environment.

While recycling is the best option for data safety and reducing environmental damage, you can also use other alternatives like pet bedding, composting, burning, etc., to save time and money and reduce the shredded waste from going into landfills.

So, shred your documents without worrying about the leftover paper waste. Recycle your shredded paper and contribute towards a more sustainable future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Dispose of Shredded Paper Near Me?

To recycle your shredded paper to prevent data theft and ensure environmental sustainability, you can go to the local recycling centers, appoint document destruction services, etc., or use alternatives like composting, pet bedding, etc.

Why is shredded paper difficult to recycle?

Shredded paper is more difficult to recycle than a sheet of paper, as tiny pieces of paper can jam the machinery. If you are having difficulty recycling your shredded paper, consider using alternative ways to destroy shredded paper waste.

Is Shredding Paper Good for The Environment?

Shredding paper is one of the best ways to protect the environment from paper waste disposed of in nature. Along with environmental safety, it offers other benefits like preventing identity theft, complying with data privacy laws, reducing future financial loss, etc.


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